killing time

i’m in the computer clusters killing time till my exam, which starts in an hour or so. It’s one of those classes u don’t give shit in, but that u have to follow: accounting! tada!

Yesterday i got an email from the TA who was supposed to supervise my next semester project (Motion Warping plug-in for Maya). It said that, well, since he (the TA) found a program that was already doing what I would have had to program, I’d have to look for some other project. Needless to say that I was pretty upset!! I’ll try to convince the TA that I’d really really LOVE to do the project, maybe he’ll show some pity =0)

What else… i watched “Roger and me”, Michael Moore’s first flick (before “Bowling for Columbine”). It’s an interesting documentary about GM’s massive layoffs in the 80s.