iPod de merde!

ok. if my fuckin iPod keeps fuckin up, i’m gonna fuckin write fuckin reviews on every website selling it! i’ve never done this before, but i swear i’m gonna take the time to do it.

  1. playtime (i.e. battery life) is waaay smaller than anounced
  2. shuffle sucks (but this seems to be a recurring problem for ALL mp3 players)
  3. songs keep disappearing
  4. these “buttons” are a pain in the A$$
  5. max volume is too low
  6. the backlight feature should have more options

and i won’t even mention the crappy windows support. i’m not even using MusicMatch, but ephPod… thx to iiome. Yes, i’m a windows user! So what?? Apple shouldn’t claim that its iPod is working with Windows if it’s NOT.

i quit for today, or my dear iPod is gonna fly through the air, which, i sense, it won’t like.