first night of work

so i decide to go to Allaman with my moto, but i know that my tank is empty. I drive to the Esso station down at the highway, but it doesn’t take credit cards (i was out of money… ). I take the highway to Morges… highways suck, coz 1) it has very boring straight lines 2) you can’t pass the speed limit with a 125cc moto! Anyway, i get to a gaz station outside of Morges, and as i was ready to leave : public humiliation (i won’t explain further, no no).

I find the train station in Allaman, but i’m early (like 20 mins). I wait for that Stefan Bollhalder dude, who is supposed to instruct me about security on the railways. He finally arrives and we go (damn it, Alex! i think your twin lives in my building… same hat, same shirt, same pants, same backpack… hilarious) back to the train station. There we wait for TWO hours for the machines to come. We find out that they were stuck in Lausanne coz some suicidal dood jumped in front of a train in Denges… ‘funny’ thing is, he didnt die. He got hit by 2 trains, and ‘just’ lost all his fingers on one hand, all his toes on one foot, and broke his shin. That’s pretty stoopid eh… Sooo the machines finally arrive, and we start working. My job is to translate stuff for these two german guys. Needless to say that it was extremely boring. In short, i get paid for doing nothing, which kinda sucks. The two german dudes are kinda funny: there is the tall, young and funny one and the small, old and boring… niice couple!