bmx songs

it’s funny how certain songs are deeply connected to precise moments in life or just to something special. i got into punk rock 8-9 years ago when i started to ride bmx. a french music channel (MCM) was airing bmx clips with songs from Millencolin, No Fun at All (rip), GOOD RIDDANCE, a.o. i was desperately trying to catch everything on tape, haha. the first bmx video i bought was ‘Roadfools 98’ aka ‘Roadfools 1’ from Props. somehow i love all the songs in that video, even if i’m sure that if i had heard em before, they wouldn’t have caught my attention. that’s funny. same for songs from Fox’s ‘Expandable Youth’ (Gangstarr “Moment of Truth” , or Motorhead “Ace of Spades”). alltogether i call em ‘bmx songs’ =)