linx are up

the links section is up. i should change the appearance, i know. as for now it’s just a dump of my bookmarks done with a python script found on the web… lazy ass, eh.

pay a visit to kev’s things to click. i dont know mr kevin personaly, only by 1 degree of separation (i know someone who knows him… nooo i won’t start the ‘he knows that i know that he knows’… shit i did it again…). anyways, kev’s homepage kinda introduced me to the whole blog phenomena (still not very popular here in Europe i think). actually, the ‘someone’ above is Shalyn. hi Shay. wi$h you a good $tart in your new job. bestest friend from usa. she’s from texas. which brings me back to the degrees of separation. i hope that i dont know GW Bush by less than 6 deg of sep because of Shay!! (you’re supposed to be related to anyone on the world by max 6 (is it 6?) deg of sep… ).

or you could have some fun reading the belgican-0-mexican-0-american’s blog (which is loaded with bugs… thx blogger)…