great weekend

there was a bmx bowl contest going down in Genève, so Gaby, Nana and me (Stephen couldn’t come)decided to go there for the weekend. We met around 4pm at the Pleinpalais sk8park… 6-7 incredible hours of riding later, we went to Burger King to get a large double whopper menu… i never had one b4, dude these are HUGE!! and fat and greasy =)… right when we were done, the city fireworx for the ‘Fêtes de Genève’ went off; all nice and noisy, but what a waist (sp?) of money! Nana got ourselves 2 10packs of beers earlier, so we headed to the lake to find a nice place to enjoy the booze =)… around 3am, we went back to the sk8park and crashed on the miniramp… i slept till 10am, when i got woken up by some french bmxers from Valence; t’was funny… so sunday consisted in riding around the city; we wanted to check out the race track at the Stade du Bout du Monde (transl: End of the World Stadium =) ), found it, but too hot to ride! back to bowl contest: very good level of riding! i was impressed. some guy called Kevin won. i had seen him last year at the sk8park in Lausanne (back when bikes were still allowed!) where he was already rippin.

yup… rad weekend!