washing my kneepads

the day b4 i left geneva for miami, i was ridin bmx in lugano, wearing my kneepads (of course, i ALWAYS ride with protective gear on! duh!)… and the idea was to take my pads to miami, in case i get to ride any bmx (hmmm… ). the problem was that they were still kinda wet, so i put’em into a plastic bag AND LEFT THEM IN THERE FOR TWO WEEKS. so… the smell that came out of there was u n d e s c r i b a b l e (i.e. stinging smell of pee (!) and sweat). i decided to wash them with the help of alex, a.k.a the washing machine operator… but of course, the machine somehow overflowed (alex is gifted in breaking stuff ;) ) and there was foam everywhere… haha