changes in my online picture album


visitors could comment pictures and the album was split in categories stored in a database. This allowed to put a single copy of an image into several different categories. For example, a picture of me in a car could be ‘stored’ in the “car” AND the “auto-portrait” category. Putting pictures online (and giving each one a category) however was a hassle, so i changed the whole system.


visitors can’t do comments anymore… this is due to the facts that

  1. nobody watches my pictures
  2. people are lazy
  3. chilly is a gay word
  4. i don’t care what people think.

the categories are gone also. the album consists in folders (albums) whose contents you can see in the form of thumbnails… very straightforward =)

soooo… ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the ‘USA 2003’ and the ‘Amsterdam 2003’ picture albums… more coming soon…