the truth and nothing but the truth


ok… so… a friend[1] of mine got her chin plastic-surgerized. she looks BETTER now and all… BUT still…it’s just WEIRD… it’s not her anymore. you might think that you’ll get used to the new face, but that’s not really true. Alessandra got her nose surgery, what, 10 years ago, and still…i’m not used to it yet… your face gives you character (i know it’s easy for me to say… i don’t have any MAJOR flaws (i’m not saying i’m good looking)… i have a somewhat big nose!) and, i don’t know… you shouldn’t touch it.

plastic surgery after an accident: yes

plastic surgery in general: mmmhh… nah

  1. i hate the english language for not having a different word for male friend and female friend!! same for cousin… ↩︎