Wha happened?!

Act #1 : Irish Car Bomb

I had never heard of that band before, but they turned out to be very good, despite the fact that the lead singer jokingly opened the show by shouting what’s up Sweden!… I mean Switzerland! One thing pissed me off though. Before the show, Anya noticed 3 girls and among them a girl that didn’t quite fit into the whole scene, wearing sandals, and a fake Gucci purse! I was like, whatever. But then, during the show, the singer (again, and on purpose, I think) mixed up Sweden and Switzerland, so the guitarist shouted shut up, stupid American!! and then the same 3 girls (apparently they overheard the word stupid) proudly shouted hey… we’re Americans… hihihihi ( = typical American teenie bitch laugh). The singer : where are you from? the Gucci bitch : I’m from Miami! the singer : hey! We’re from Fort Lauderdale! soooo… a chick with a Gucci purse (and sandals) coming from Miami at a punk show in Bern, what the fuck! Go home to your Hummer-driving boyfriend, argh! Anyways, the show was cool.

Score: 4/5

Act #2 : Big Wig

Congratulations Big Wig! I witnessed the first ever circle pit in Switzerland. Every single band at every concert asks for circle pits, but the crowd never understands. This time it worked, essentially because the bass player took 5 mins to explain how it works =) . I was psyched, the rest of the show was great too. I re-discovered Big Wig (I think I’ve seen them at the club Laga in Pittsburgh) and they’re good, fast, more on the hardcore side. The guitar player is very talented, nice solos dude!

Score : 4/5

Act #3 : No Use For A Name

NUFAN was fucking awesome! I’ve never seen so much crowd participation. In my opinion, they played too many songs of their latest albums, Hard Rock Bottom and More Betterness, yeah, slow songs don’t work in concert! Again, the band tried to make us do circle pits. And as usual, it was pointless, the crowd didn’t understand, even if 20 mins ago, they were doing it (??!!??).

Score: 5/5

Next gig will probably be Strike Anywhere.