chapter III

last night, we had the traditional tuesday evening dinner at MY place. very few people came over this time : Pierre, Silvia, Curzio, Guillaume, Luis, Aïsha, and later on : Thomas, Vincent and Boris.

Risotto was on the menu, and since neither iiome nor i knew how to do it, Curzio made it. i’m not a big fan of mushrooms/champignons/funghi, but it was good =)

after everyone had left, Luis and Guillaume (and me self) engaged some pseudo-philosophical convos… not very interesting in fact (maybe coz i didn’t understand what the hell they were talking about)… then went to bed too damn late (4:30am) and got up to fuckin early (8:30am) coz i wanted to see blue infinity’s presentation at this year’s forum. i actually liked the presentation a lot… i like the { website design - logo design - branding } part of that company. i almost think it could be exciting to work there :-/ (oops… i’m showing enthousiasm for working in an IT company… eewww… 0:-) . i also went to ELCA’s and Logitech’s presentations.