double you - tee - eff

sooo… went to a punk/ska (at least that’s what it was labelled… ) show last nite @ Ebullition in Bulle. no, wait. let me backtrack a bit. yesterday afternoon i went to yverdon with sandro to see him rehearse with “his” “band”. t’was interesting to see how newbies play in a band… haha… no seriously, it was cool. ok. so last nite, the show :

  1. 4FT FINGERS : excellent! UK represent!! some good, cheap rock’n’roll punk. briefely: the best band of the evening. 5/5
  2. SKINRED : wtf! what was this band doing here. the evening was labelled punk/ska. i mean, the music was ok, but i wasn’t there to listen to this kind of stuff, i.e. metal-ragga-something. 2/5
  3. VOODOO GLOW SKULLS : seen them before. i’m not a big fan of VGS, but they’re always playin the few good songs they have, so t’was pretty cool. 4/5

so overall, a medium-good evening, if u make abstraction of the shitty crowd… yeah.