short attention span

taken from adbusters #51 :

[…] in most third world societies, individuals and communities are normally too busy trying to survive to be bored. boredom is a product of culture where individual and communal goals have lost all their significance and meanings, where an individual’s attention span is no longer than a single frame in an mtv video: five seconds. in such a culture, one needs something different to do, something different to see, some new excitement and spectacle every other moment. netsurfing provides just that: the exhilaration of a joyride, the spectacle of visual and audio inputs, a relief from boredom and an illusion of god-like omniscience as an added extra. but, of course, travel at such a high speed has a price. hypertext generates hyper-individuals: rootless, without a real identity, perpetually looking for the next fix, hoping that the next page on the web will take them to nirvana […]

-by Ziauddin Sardar

think about it…