i hate it


i spent the whole freakin day re-re-re-re-installing my mom’s computer. some files seemed to be corrupted and it was impossible to repair them… i suspect

  1. a virus
  2. mom’s careless email handling
  3. mom’s disk clean up method (which consists of deleting everything that “seems useless” (uh!!))
  4. other reason.

anywayzzz, she now has a “limited” user account (not admin anymore!) on a brand new service packed, firewalled and patched winxp pc. she has her files on a separate partition, so next time (i see it coming) i will have to reinstall, she won’t lose her stuff (hopefully). i will also install an antivirus software, and schedule a full system scan every week or so… yea. but i’m still thinking that the “human factor” is the biggest threat to the system, haha. i cross my fingers.