me? doing too much thinking?


i’ve been asking myself this : from when on can you consider yourself “being with” someone? is it after the first date (but then, what can be considered a date and what not?) ? would it be after the first kiss (kiss on the mouth? french kiss?) ? after spending the nite in the same bed (sex or not?) ? i dunno… prolly none of the above. i remember when i was in love with sophie (erm… lemme count… 7 yrs ago!), i knew she wanted me to “ask her out” (literally!), but i never did, coz i thought this “asking out”-thing was ridiculous. i still think it is, but that’s not the point. erm… what is the point actually? ah, yeah… from when on are you “with someone”. i think the answer simply is : you just know it. it’s like if someone asks you why you like her/him. i’d say it’s impossible to describe… you know it, or not.

ok… bedtime.