rainy, unproductive, moody


it’s sunday, and the weather is shitty… just perfect to work a little actually. i just got up an hour ago, and i’m still in my “waking up” phase… and there’s waaayy too much thinking going on in my head… argh.

procrastinated a lot yesterday : first, coop and toys’r’us with luis, then migros with jean-mi, then divx from jean-mi. the movie is called ‘Delicatessen’. it’s excellent. very weird, unusual, cute, dark… a must see. then chat with K.Lo, then going out with nathalie - silvia - pierre - stéphane. we wanted to go to the theatres watch “lost in translation” but it was sold out =( . so we went to the bleu lézard for a while (the place was empty… and my mind was somewhere else), and rented a dvd we watched at pierre’s place. ‘Collinwood’ was the name of the movie. it’s a good flick, a remake according to silvia. funny, weird, random (sometimes predictable though) aaaand with Jennifer Esposito… haha. back home, some more talking to K.Lo (best moments of the day… as usual).

ok… i have some work to get accomplished! bLeRcH