Something a bit strange just happened.

I’m using Reeder to aggregate feeds of about 300 sites. In the last couple of days, I “starred” 2 articles – in my workflow, this means “read later”. One is on, a source of interesting reads I really appreciate: The impending Pacific Northwest earthquake. The other one is posted on Web Design: The First 100 Years. Whenever I appreciate a starred article, I then bookmark it on Pinboard, which is the service I selected when Google shut down Google Reader in 2013.

I read the article linked inside the earthquake story and bookmark it. Then I start reading the other article. About halfway in, I realize that the author, Maciej Cegłowski, is the creator of Pinboard. Also, the name of his website, Idlewords, sounds strangely familiar. Then I occurs to me that it’s one of those few sites I started following way back in 2002, when I started my blog. Crazy! I kinda feel stupid that I never made the connection.

Then I have a look at Idlewords’ archive, and what do I stumble upon? A post about the Cascade subduction zone, the thing I just read a freaking article about. Coincidences.

Both articles are awesome. Now go read them!