Mr Luck

i think i was very lucky on this trip home. First Nathan shows up on time to drive me to the airport (thanks again, Nathan!!), then, once i got there, at the checking in, the Delta-guy noticed that my one and only suitcase was too heavy (2.5 pounds extra weight), but he refused to charge me =) . He didn’t charge me neither for my bike (my second piece of lugage… ), which i still don’t understand exactly… Delta ALWAYS charges for your bike! Thank you nice Mr Delta-guy.

Then came security check of course (thank you nice Mr Terrorist-guy) where they didnt find anything suspicious (duh!!). The first flight was alright… i was sitting next to a young pregnant woman… we didnt say a word to each other. Then on the second flight, i was seated right next to a tall girl (taller than me!)… she asked the flight attendent to be seated elsewhere so that she could actually move her legs (or maybe i was smellin bad… ). I ended up having 2 seats just for me and myself… that was neat.

oh and in the row in front of me, towards the center, there was this pretty girl i couldn’t stop looking at =o)

Arrival in Zurich, bagage claim, blahblahblah, catch the train for Fribourg… and those idiots at Delta broke the handle of my 19 pounds suitcase, so a real pleasure to load the thing onto the train wagon… oh well… i survived!