Hi, I’m Manu, a biking web developer. I’ve been writing on here since June 2002 about a bunch of different topics. My favorite posts are tagged with ✪.

Why “plothole.net”? As defined on wikipedia,

a plot hole, plothole or plot error is a gap or inconsistency in a storyline that goes against the flow of logic established by the story’s plot. Such inconsistencies include such things as illogical or impossible events, and statements or events that contradict earlier events in the storyline.

This definition suits my life pretty well.

Thanks for reading!

grades validated

i had to go to EPFL yesterday to get my grades from CMU validated. Everything went alright… i hope i won’t have too many scheduling conflicts next fall!

i saw Guillaume also… i think we had a good time… see ya in fall!

in the evening i went bmx-ing, first alone, then Nana showed up. He still hasnt received his new pair of wheels… sux… Finally, Gaby showed up and we rode a little bit until it was too dark. We chatted till 00:30… was cool =)