me and the girlz


quotes from the last 3 weeks :

Isabel (Mize), talking to Alex and me : “do you guys have girlfriends?” and then turning to me : “i’m sure YOU do!”

…well, no… i don’t =(

Serena : “hey, you’re not saying much”
me : “i know… i’m not very talkative”
Serena : “so how’s switzerland? great mountains…”
me : “still”
Serena : “great chocolate…”
me : “still”
Serena : “great cheese…” me : “yup”

Lauren (preeeetty girl), who i’ve met back in suisse 2-3 months ago : “well, i don’t remember ever meeting you”

actually, i don’t remember neither… which is a shame!

Nina (from Slovakia), after 10 mins talking to Alex, saying to me : “do you talk?”
me : “not much”
Liiiizzz : “i’ve never heard him say a word”

thx Liz, that’s not really helping…

Nina (again) : “you don’t talk much, but (!?!) you’re actually very nice”
me : “yeah… thx” (thinking : WHATEVER!)
Alex : “yeah, that’s true!”
me, thinking : “fucker!”