back in Suiza

woohoo… i’m back in Suisse, where the weather is bearable. the flights were alright, although i really got pissed at the male flight attendant who (kindly) asked me not to use my iPod, coz mp3 players are forbidden. i asked him why laptop where allowed (the iPod basically consists of a harddrive, the size of a laptop’s harddrive!), but he (oh surprise) couldn’t give me a satisfying answer… on another note, i have to say that the 40 min flight from Milano to Genève is a pleasure for the eyes. the alps look wonderful, and passing by the Mont Blanc at grasping distance (is this english?) is breath-taking! the baggage claim was perfect timing, nothing was missing… cool. Aïsha and Mom picked me up at the airport (the FIRST car i see when i walk out of the airport building is an H2 Hummer! WTF !! please don’t start this shit over here!!) and we went to Ikea (again… ) to get some stuff for Aïsha’s new appartment =)