conversation fillers and cheezy pickup lines


each time i’m going out with people or friends (?), at least one of them makes a remark about how mute i am. i think the main reasons for my silent are :

  1. i’m shy
  2. most of the time i don’t feel the need to talk, or i don’t think that people could benefit from hearing my opinion about stuff
  3. i can’t express myself (this actually is a cause AND a consequence)
  4. i don’t like to talk to talk, i.e. talk to fill the silence

this last point makes me think of commonly used phrases that people ask, even if most of the time they don’t really care about the answer. the funny thing is that the person asking is often aware that his questions are pointless, but silence makes uncomfortable =) . so here we go :

…i’m sure i can come up with more