IM-ing top5


i think i chat too much (IM = instant message). it’s actually very common that i spend hours ‘talking’ to people about anything and everything. i dunno, but i kinda see this as a bad habit, coz

  1. i know most people i chat with in real life, so i should spend more time talking to them IN PERSON (a concept i’m not very familiar with ;-) )
  2. it’s time consuming, and often pointless… BUT SO MUCH FUN !!

so for the last year (since aug-sept 2002 to be precise), i’ve IM-ed most with :

  1. Nadine :: ICQ#66628575 :: 749KB log file
  2. Guillaume :: AIM:iiiiome :: 639KB log file
  3. Alexander :: AIM:groothaert :: 557KB log file (best of)
  4. Anne :: :: 413KB log file
  5. Loreline :: :: 215KB log file