missed it


argh… i missed yesterday’s fridayfive. it’s ok actually, the last 2 have been pretty boring (typical xmas holydays questions), and this one too has very straightforward new year questions =(

What one thing are you most looking forward to…

  1. … today?
    the sun. it’s sunday-weather on a saturday! wtf!
  2. … over the next week?
    see Katia once, although this looks very unlikely to happen… she’s gonna be waaaaay too busy =(
  3. … this year?
    see what i meant with “typical new year questions”… i would say finish my diploma (or masters if u prefer) and get an interesting job
  4. … over the next five years?
    at some point during these next 5 yrs, i HAVE TO do a bmx roadtrip (à la T1)… i have thought of it the last couple of years, and i should do it as long as my body will allow it…
  5. … for the rest of your life?
    world peace! of course!