carpe diem?

got up a bit after noon, did some stuff, packed my bmx and went to genève. got there around 4:30p. there was almost nobody there, which was kinda cool. pretty much everything went wrong, but i didn’t hurt myself, so that’s cool. and i was ridin my bike, that’s always good =) . one thing i should stop doing though is think about my school stuff while riding, and vice-versa, think about bmxing when i should be working. i should try to concentrate more on what i’m doing… sorta ‘carpe diem’-like… yeah. i left the skatepark after 2 hours (short session!), went to the lake, admired geneva’s ugly waterfront (packed with rollex and other jewelers neons on the roofs… eeww), waited in the cold for my train home a little too long… very nice last day of vacation =)