36h days

thursday feb 19th

started the day with coding, despite the fact that i wanted to work a little on my report which i gave to my TAs on wednesday evening for a final review. They didn’t take a look at it by thursday morning, so yea, i had to find something else to do… the day ended at 2:30am friday morning

friday feb 20th

diploma report DEADline!! got up at 7:30am, rushed to school, made the final changes in my report, after my TAs finally had given me a feedback, then printing, then “reliure”-ing… all to end up 10min before the deadline :) . that’s timing!!

now side story: i bought everything to do the “reliures” (20bucks) along with new printer cartridges and some quality paper for my home printer (120bucks). then, surprise!! the lab had a COLOR LASER printer… d’oh!

i went to Bufallo Grill to ‘celebrate’ and have lunch with Nico, Sandrine, Guillaume and -insert his name when u remember it-

back home, packing, rushing to the train station with my bmx… some sk8park riding in fribourg with stephen (gaby had a nearly-rib-braking crash while snowscooting :) ), followed by a diner with aïsha, anya and dad at bindella (a little too upscale for me… )

back at home in lausanne by 1am, exhausted!

saturday feb 21th

restful nite :) . katia arrived around 4pm, we went to migros to get stuff for a raclette we were gonna have at triaudes 11010 with jean-mi, aïsha and anya.

sunday feb 22nd