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Why “plothole.net”? As defined on wikipedia,

a plot hole, plothole or plot error is a gap or inconsistency in a storyline that goes against the flow of logic established by the story’s plot. Such inconsistencies include such things as illogical or impossible events, and statements or events that contradict earlier events in the storyline.

This definition suits my life pretty well.

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wednesday 17.03

appartment hunting was on the menu. i visited the first one (was alrite, no stove in the kitchen :S ), went to a migros to get some grub, couldn’t see the second one, walked back to the train station, to manor (where i bought an iTrip)

iTrip is forbidden in switzerland…
iTrip is forbidden in switzerland…

then went to place du Rhone where i sat down and read the latest adbusters (good articles about terrorism!). rdv with guillaume who had to get a visa at the japanese embassy… payot, franz carl weber, fnac… rdv with katia :)… burger king… visit of the 3rd appartment at 18:oo. i fell in love with this one. very spacious, clean, almost new. the guy living there seems nice. perfect. visit of the 4th appartment at 19:oo : less interesting (i would have to keep my predecessor’s furniture until august… not cool)… drop guillaume at the train station… go to katia’s… get the

to go eat italian (and more)

thursday 18.03

got the 3rd appartment!! i’m gonna live at Rue Jean-Charles Amat 28 in genève! neat.


organize trip to malaga, moto license, do uncle’s website, get my fuckin passport, elca stuff, etc.