wednesday 10.03

in the morning i had the presentation of my diploma project. i think it went alright, no software crash, the demo was quite explicit. it almost seemed to me that the expert and the prof were only interested in the demo and not in the 20min speech i’ve made before. we were 3 people presenting their project and we all got a 5.5/6.0 . good grade. the best i could expect.

in the evening, wednesday tradition! special guests : katia !!! and jorge !! t’was nice. sandrine prepared a chili that changed my appreciation of that dish. since i’ve been to the army, i was used to disgusting chili, but sandrine’s… whoa! good stuff :)

thursday 11.03

katia spent the night :) and we got up at 7am :( to drive to the salon de l’auto in genève with luis and victor. we dropped katia off at the airport/palexpo coz she had to rush to her photographie class at unige. she almost made it on time… cool cool. the salon de l’auto was like usual, few nice cars (mostly concepts), even fewer nice hostesses, and even fewerer cars i would buy if… . rdv at the burger king (the only one ;) ) with katia afterwards. we went to unige to get a couple of appartment offerings off the billboards. i wasn’t very enthousiastic, but read on ;) . we then went home to katia’s… CENSORED… and i left round 7pm for lausanne. excellent day!!

friday 12.03

ANTI-FLAG !!! the plan : take the train at 15:xx to fribourg, drop my stuff at anya’s, train to zurich, at the venue around 18:30. the reality : took the train at 16:xx directly to zurich. it was freakin packed! 250 people w/o any seat…uh! mkay, anya took the same train, so when i arrived in zurich i went to the end of the platform to wait for her. she had to genus’ idea not to go to the end, but to take the underground passage (that btw leads nowhere… ) so i waited for nothing. unfortunately, her cell died, so no contact was possible… ugh! she called me from a phone booth, described (in a very unaccurate way) where she was… i couldn’t find it. yea… “go down the platform” for me meant “go towards the end of the platform”, whereas for her it meant “go underground”… haha. ok. so the 4th or 5th time she called me on my cell, i gave her a meeting point (at the big clock, logically) and we found eachother in no time ;) . when we finally got to the concert venue, the first band was done, and we saw just 2-3 songs from the 2nd band. no big deal, since we came to see ANTI-FLAG. da bomb! perfect! awesome! played all the good songs. we one-more-d them twice :D… really excellent!.. train back to fribourg, sleep at anya’s.

saturday 13.03

while i was at the anti-flag gig, jorge and co were throwing a party at jean-mi’s. katia was there too, so when i came home saturday morning from fribourg, she was waiting for me at mi casa :) . the program for saturday : re-party. i drank a tiny little bit too much and spent some time in jean-mi’s bathroom… ugh! i won’t mention my fuckin sentimental side that comes out when i’m drunk… i just hate it!

sunday 14.03

farniente - pizza with aïsha and miguel - train to genève with katia - train back home (almost missed renens…hehe)

monday 15.03

met my TAs for the last (?) time, made some phone calls for my upcoming appartment hunting and got a couple of appointments for wednesday. i took the train to genève in the evening to ride some bmx at plainpalais, but when i got there, the ramps were covered with dew or something, so : un-ride-able. fuck! sms-ed katia and she drove me to some parks with awesome views on the city by nite. one more night i won’t forget :)

tuesday 16.03

erm… went down to the lake… niiiiiiiiice weather… café des bouchers with sandrine&nicolas, luis, olivier, iiome, mounir in the evening… expen$ive shit