1 gegen 1

Like I wrote in an earlier post, I have participated in 9 “1 gegen 100” tv shows. My longest streak of correct answers lasted 17 rounds. The last 13 of those were against Matteo and ended in the duel you can watch below. You can also enjoy the whole airing the video is extracted from. 3 answers of the 13 were total guesses, 3 more were educated guesses.

I feel like I could have guessed the answer to that last question, but the 6 seconds and the stress got the better part of me. And who knows what the next question would have been. I found Matteo’s remark about taking a “Nature” question because as a software engineer I’m sitting in front of my computer all the time and never go outside way out of place. But he’s not the only candidate who made stereotypical remarks to appear smart or funny — and having the opposite effect. I’m also not trying to make excuses, but I’m almost glad I didn’t make it. I would have blanked out on any question while standing in front of that mob.

You can imagine that over the course of 9 shows, one needs to answer a lot of questions. 152 questions to be exact. If I remember correctly my answers — they date back to April, 5 months ago — I got 71% of them right. Of those correct answers, 13% were lucky guesses, and 19% were educated guesses. It’s not always easy to make an educated guess in 6 seconds or less! Despite having a substantial amount of correct answers, I rarely got far in the countdown of 100 opponents. Most of the time, I was out on the 3rd question already.

If you think you can do better, or if you just want to get a sense of the kind of questions — in German, sorry, because some contain word plays — you can take the quiz of all 152 questions. Like on tv, you get 6 unskippable seconds to answer, so it should take at least 15 seconds per question. 152 x 15, that’s 38 minutes. Throw in some audio questions for the “Extra-Joker” category of questions, and you get around an hour of quiz “fun”. I don’t expect anyone to actually play the whole thing, but just in case, you can pause it and close your browser if you want, as it saves the state — as long as you don’t clear your browser’s cache. Enjoy!

  1. Load a question by clicking on “Next”
  2. Load the question’s possible answers by clicking on “Show answers”
  3. You have 6 seconds to pick an answer once all possible answers are displayed
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