Tetris 99

Tetris 99 came out a couple of days ago and I thought I could finally use my Nintendo Switch Online trial period of 7 days to give it a shot. I was honestly expecting to get nuked, like in any online game, but I scored 8th after my 3rd game. So I foolishly set myself a 1st place goal, to be achieved in that 1 week trial period. The best I did was 2nd place:

Top 10 is hardcore

I spent a lot of time, in NES and Game Boy Tetris, a bit over a year ago to learn to rotate tetrominos both ways. Somehow, this skill got totally lost while playing Tetris 99. I also can’t do T-Spins, and I’m not convinced they would help much. My problem is more with the super high speed dropping of tetrominos.