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Portrayal of women in movies and tv series is getting better and better. Earlier this year, I came across Fleabag and I loved it. There aren’t many tv series I have watched more than once, but this is definitely one.

Recently I watched Plus One. While the plot was veeery predictable, I freaking loved Alice[1]: strong character, cynical, funny, straightforward.

Plus One, about 30 minutes in
Plus One, about 30 minutes in

Alice: You wouldn’t last two weeks. You would find something wrong with her, and then you would bail.
Ben: That is not true.
A: Yes, it is. It’s so true!
B: You don’t know that. I’m just trying to make sure the person I end up with is right. I’m trying to find, you know…
A: Do not say “the one.”
B: …the one.
A: Oh, my God. You’re just… so stupid.
B: I don’t think I am.
A: Someone as grotesquely tall and gangly as you doesn’t have the right to be picky.
B: Wow. Thank you so much, Alice. And what about you? How was Trevor?
A: Oh, yeah. Nothing happened. I just got his number.
B: Okay.
A: But I just… I got to do a little personal maintenance first.
B: Yeah. Sure.
A: You know what I’m saying? Got to run the raccoons out of the trash cans.
B: I know! Alice, I know.
A: I got to mow the back lawn.
B: I got it.
A: I’ve got a hairy ass and vagina.
B: I heard you.
B: Alice, these are just excuses. You know that.
A: They’re not excuses. I’m not in the mood to go on dates right now. That’s it.

Then there was the tv series Undone. Besides the visual awesomeness, Alma[2] is weird, funny, direct.

Undone S01E05
Undone S01E05

Jacob: And that got me thinking. Research had recently come out showing that people with schizophrenia, like my mother, they have large ventricles.
Alma: Aw, sexy.
J: Ventricles are the central pockets of fluid in the brain.
A: I know. What’s sexier than big pockets of fluid? Right?
J: So, okay, I got to thinking maybe mystics and priestesses and shamans, maybe they also have larger ventricles. Maybe their abilities come from a specific brain structure.

Not really related to the portrayal of women, but in When They See Us, Kevin’s sister gives a pretty good definition of happiness:

something to look forward to

When They See Us
When They See Us

Yeah… about that…

  1. played by Maya Erskine. I looked at what else she was in, and there is this tv series called PEN15 which I’m really not sure I would like. I think it might contain too many american middle school tropes. ↩︎

  2. played by Rosa Salazar, who happens to be the main character in the mildly disappointing Alita: Battle Angel ↩︎