Been there, done that

Map of countries

Visited countries, in beautifully distorted Mercator projection
Visited countries, in beautifully distorted Mercator projection

This map is very… white. I think my problem is twofold:

  1. I am scared of going to places where I cannot read, understand, guess the language. I don’t like to interact with people.
  2. I am not food-curious at all

List of countries

I am “cheating” a bit with a couple of those. I’ve only been to the airports of Bangkok and Dubai, so have not really visited Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. All I did in the UK was a taxi drive from one London airport to the other (missing the connection in the process).

Many of my country visits are actually city trips. In Australia, I have only been to and around Sydney. Canada was Vancouver and Whistler, with a bus ride in between. Bosnia and Herzegovina was Sarajevo. Denmark was Billund and Copenhagen, Sweden was Stockholm, all by train. The Netherlands was Amsterdam. You get the gist.

Reverse chronological list

It is very likely that I forgot some, and that there are mistakes. Places in Switzerland are not listed.

Some trip reports can be found in my archive.

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