Podcast snippets

I listen to a shit-ton of podcasts. Because I’m super lazy, when I hear a funny, interesting or memorable bit, I usually just take a screenshot. At some point, Overcast, the podcast app I use, added the ability to create little snippets that you can share or save. So here are a bunch of podcast bits from 2016 onwards.

Reconcilable Differences more or less is just a weekly conversation between John Siracusa and Merlin Mann about anything and everything. Most of the time I don’t understand their white-american-dude-born-in-the-70s references, and overall I would not recommend subscribing. I started listening because I knew John from his OS X reviews and his other podcasts.

Happened to me too!
Alcohol is like hockey… or fish

ATP is another one of John’s podcasts. It also features Marco Arment and Casey Liss. For years I listened to ATP religiously. Lately however I grew tired of Marco’s consumerism. They make fun of it on the show, but it really is not. Also, I never cared about their car segments, I overall care less about Apple stuff, I always found Casey a bit pointless, and now even John annoys me most of the time with his American-ness. I’m still subscribed, but thanks to their flawless chapter-indexing of each episode, I choose the topics I want to listen to and skip the remaining 95%.

The hypocrisy of limiting the kids’ screen time
The history behind the proper pants pockets usage
John’s annoying American-ness: he fondly remembers his biking to everywhere in his youth, not realising that nothing prevents him from doing the same today, which would make cities more livable
From the same episode, John’s beloved BMX bike
From the same episode, John’s beloved BMX bike
Most job interviewing processes do by design NOT result in diversity

Let’s Make Mistakes is an amazing podcast by the amazing Jessie Char and the amazing Mike Monteiro. Sadly, it seems they stopped producing it.

Job interviews done right

Another podcast that is on an indefinite hiatus is Hello Internet. It’s CGP Grey and Brady Haran talking about nerdy stuff and organizing weird shit for their listeners, the “Tims”, to participate in.

I felt exactly that when I visited Hawai’i
That’s one way of not accumulating stuff

I tried out a couple of BMX podcasts. They all have the same format: one or several hosts interviewing one or several guests. On The BMX In Our Blood, the host is Joe Doherty, a guy I had never heard of. I don’t think he’s particularly good at it and the production/sound quality of the podcast is pretty bad. But the list of guests is top-notch. Here’s a selection of snippets by BMX riders I grew up with: Garett Byrnes is a low-key super stylish rider, Chris Doyle was one of my favorite dirt and trail rider, Steve Crandall is the founder of FBM, Brian Foster was a top racer in the 90s, X-Games medalist and stylish trail rider who is now a physical therapist (PT).

Blood family and BMX (friends) family
Bikes forever!
This stings… That’s the summer I also was in Pittsburgh. I even brought my BMX. But, me being me, I did not socialize with the local riders and basically never rode my bike for a year
BMX riding is absurd. But so is any other sport. Or life.
Never ride scared
Concussions in BMX
Studying physical therapy as a former Pro BMXer
Words of wisdom: the simple things in BMX are the best

Last year I discovered the Unclicked podcast hosted by rider Dennis Enarson and photographer Ryan Fudger. It’s great. I enjoyed watching Cory Nastazio’s, the Fast and Loose crew’s, Chris Moeller’s episodes, among others. Then there was the episode with Corey Walsh, after he did his coming-out, a first for an active Pro BMXer. Corey was a guest 8 months before, and both times he spoke about what drinking alcohol does to him.

Alcohol and the demons in your head
Alcohol and the demons in your head, revisited after publicly coming out

That’s it for the little snippets. If you are looking for recommendations of full episodes, go have a look at my yearly flashbacks: 2020, 2019, etc.